2019 Kanazawa International Cup

2019 Kanazawa International Cup

SKIF Ireland would like to invite you to this year’s Kanazawa Cup, which will be held in the Tallaght Leisure Centre, Fortunestown Way, Tallaght, Dublin 24 on Saturday 26th October 2019.

Registration:  09:00

Judges/Coaches/Referee Meeting: 09:30

Start Time: 10:00

Cost: €20 per individual (price includes both Kata & Kumite).

Team Cost: €15 per team.

Below is the category list for the Kata and Kumite events, all events are subject to numbers on the day.

Please complete the attached form with your entries and return by Friday 18th October. Entry cards will be ready for collection on the morning of the Championships.

Payments can be made on the day. If clubs/competitors wish to pre-pay by bank transfer please contact Tournament Organiser Jacqui O Shea (details below) 

Basic Synopsis of Rules

  1. The Championships will be run using traditional Shobu Ippon rules. Kumite Rules: Shobu Han Ippon (3 points), 1.5 minutes (Juniors) and 2 minutes (Seniors).
  2. Traditional, clean, white karate dogi only.
  3. Kumite: Women may wear a chest guard. Men must wear a groin guard. Gum shields and mitts must be worn. No other protection or padding will be allowed.
  4. Kata: Elimination kata until the best four. Then, final four may choose their Toki Kata (favourite) and it will be judged by points. Bassai dai & Jion elimination Kata for Veterans and Heian Kata for Juniors. Bassai Dai, Jion, Enpi and Kanku Dai elimination kata for black belts, however if competing against a brown belt a Heian Kata can also be called.
  5. Any category with insufficient entries may be merged with another.
  6. All clubs or groups are encouraged to bring either a table official or referee with experience in Shobu Ippon rules.
  7. There will be refreshments available all day in the hall for officials and a restaurant on campus for competitors/spectators to purchase refreshments.
  8. Senior Dan grades will be required to assist in refereeing and judging on the day.
  9. Navy blazer, grey trousers, white shirt and tie required for all Judges.

Further Information

For further information please contact Tournament Organiser Jacqui O Shea (Email: jacquioshea@ski-ireland.com & Tel: 086-3634985

Kata Events

Kata Categories

Kumite Events

Kumite Categories

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