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How to Line Up in the dojo

  • Lining up is a vital part of karate-do. Students should always maintain straight rows during training, not only during seminars with large numbers of participants, but also when training in the dojo.
  • At the dojo, although many students often try to line up in the front row, everyone should line up according to their rank
  • When lining up and bowing at the start and end of training sessions, no one (observers, photographers, etc.) should be in the area in front of the instructors.
  • When arriving late for training, upon entering the floor, first kneel (in “seiza” style), bow and wait. Once the instructor has granted permission to join the class, line up in the first open position in the rearmost row. After a break (brief rest) in the training, it is acceptable to line up according to one’s rank. If it is necessary to leave early (before the scheduled end of the training session), permission should be obtained from the instructor in advance.
  • For students who are unable to sit in “seiza” style due to bad knees or other reason, it is acceptable to stand and bow in the rearmost row.
  • Depending on the layout of the dojo, the front-back orientation may change.
  • As a general rule, photography and video recording is not permitted.
  • During seminars and at dojo, move quickly when lining up, when gathering to listen to technical explanations, and when returning to one’s original position following such explanations.
  • During seminars (and regular training), all rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewellery should be removed.
  • For any gymnasium (or dojo) used for karate training, the aim should not be to simply return the venue in the same condition that it was found, but rather to return it cleaner than it was to begin with. In other words, all trash, plastic bottles, etc. should be disposed of properly.