Competition Gear

To participate in Kumite at a competition, you will require the following equipment for health and safety.  Bushido Karate Club has no affiliation with the below retailers, so please feel free to shop around for the best prices.  

White Competition Karate Mitts without Thumb (Mandatory)

Note: White mitts are required for International and Domestic Kumite.  Please Note: For World or European Championships, you may be required to use Hisho branded SKIF Mitts or other mitts that comply with International Requirements.

CIMAC Competition Karate Mitts Without Thumb – White

Gumshield (Mandatory)

Note: Must be white or clear. To get the best protection, we recommend that competitors get a gum shield made for their teeth by a dental practitioner. 

Adidas Clear White Gumshield

Chest Protector (Recommended) 

Note: For International and domestic competitions, it is highly recommended for Juniors and Females to wear a chest protector.

Adidas WKF Karate Body Protector – White

Groin Guard (Recommended) 

Note: For International and domestic competitions, it is highly recommended to wear a groin guard.

CIMAC Groin Guard (Male)

CIMAC Ladies Groin Guard – White (Female)


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