About Bushido Karate Club

Welcome to the Bushido Karate Club Cork's Premier Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Schools  in Douglas and Glanmire.  The name "Bushido" is a very important and ancient Japanese way of life which translates "The way of the Warrior".  In ancient Japan, Bushido warriors we very skillful and courageous warriors but were best known for their strong spirit and focused attitude so we are creating the the next generation of Bushido Karate-Do Warriors with this same approach.  Karate-Do is a traditional Martial Art that teaches a student respect, honour, discipline, self defence, fitness and will develop and improve their character which are skills that transfer to their school and home life also.

Sensei Aaron Kenneally
5th Dan SKIF

Sensei Aaron Kenneally - 5th Dan SKIF

Sensei Aaron Kenneally - 5th Dan SKIF

My name is Sensei Aaron Kenneally (5th Dan Black Belt SKIF) and I started my Shotokan Karate-Do journey in 1986 at the age of 6.  Since 1986, I am very privileged to have trained and graded my whole life under Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke (10th Dan Black Belt SKIF) who is considered to be one of the greatest Karate-Do masters and respected in various different martial arts.  In 2014 while training in SKIF GHQ in Tokyo, Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa graded me to Godan (5th Dan Black Belt).  I travel regularly to train in Japan to constantly improve my standard of Karate.

Another aspect of Karate is competition and I have had the privilage of representing Ireland at both European and World Championships several times around the world and while competing for SKIF Ireland and representing my country is always a great honour, teaching traditional karate-do is my main passion in my lifelong pursuit of Karate-Do.  

Over the years Bushido Karate Club has had a very strong history of producing some of the top karateka's in SKIF Ireland including some members reaching the finals of both the SKIF World Championships in Jakarta Indonesia in August 2016 and the SKIF European Championships in Czech Republic in May 2017.  We have had several National Champions in our club, but our goal is not to produce champions, we train to a very high traditional standard and students performing well at competitions both domestic and international is just a result of our normal training.

I have multiple clubs in Cork city where I have both kid-specific classes and adult-specific classes focused completely on the development, encouragement, guidance of the next generation of karateka.   Bushido Karate Club is all about making students feel like they are part of a Karate-Do family which is why we use a special system from Japan called a Sempai Kohai Relationship (similar to a buddy system) which the older students look after and help the new students to ensure they feel as part of a team.  

Why Choose Bushido Karate Club

At Bushido Karate Club we have a very high standard of Karate-Do.  All the instructors have trained directly under Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke 10th Dan and the main instructors of SKIF GHQ when they visit Ireland twice yearly.  Sensei Aaron Kenneally travels regularly to Tokyo to train in SKIF GHQ to constantly improve his standard.  Over the years many martial arts have become more and more a sport rather than a traditional martial art and have lost the traditional side to their training. 

Although we have a sport side to Karate-Do its a very small part of our training,  Bushido Karate Club instructors have always embraced the traditional aspect to Karate-Do training, etiquette, discipline and have kept our training exactly to what Soke Kanazawa has taught.  All instructors at Bushido Karate Club are highly qualified and have graded under SKIF Worldwide which ensures that your child will receive the best Karate-Do training possible.

What is Karate-Do

Kara is the Japanese for empty while te means hand and do translates as the way, or path. So Karate-do is The Way of the Empty Hand. It is a martial art in which the ultimate purpose is not to seek to win, but to work towards perfection of character, self-control and self-discipline by the accumulation of experience through training.

Karate is a form of self-defence using all parts of the body which, by hard and systematic training, become effective and powerful weapons. Karate encompasses whole body movements which develop balance, flexibility, co-ordination, speed and power. This is achieved through the constant practice of the basic movements (Kihon) which, due to their variety and complexity, can be considered as a complete art form themselves.

What is Bushido?

Bushido, meaning "Way of the Warrior", is a name in common usage since the late 19th century which is used to describe a uniquely Japanese code of conduct adhered to by samurai since time immemorial. This code is said to have emphasized virtues such as loyalty, honor, and obedience.

Is Bushido Karate Club affiliated with any organisations

Yes. Bushido Karate Club is officially affiliated with Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation Ireland. SKIF Ireland is part of SKIF (Worldwide) and SKIF  (Europe). This affiliation will give the students of Bushido Karate Club access to SKIF World and European Championship, National Grading and Training seminars under Kancho Kanazawa and SKIF GHQ Instructors, National and Regional Championships.  Students of Bushido Karate Club will recieve SKIF  Internationally Recognised Grades and Belts.  Students of Bushido Karate Club will be part of SKIF Ireland's Karate-Do Family.

Training Times in Bushido Karate Branches

Bushido Glanmire
Glanmire GAA, Glanmire, Co. Cork, Ireland, T45 XE36

Training Times
Thursday @ 19:00 - 20:00 - Karate Kids Class

Bushido Douglas
ICA Hall, Church Road, Douglas, Co. Cork, Ireland, T12 KP79

Training Times
Wednesday @ 18:45 - 19:45 - Karate Kids Class

Training Times
Friday @ 19:00 - 20:30 - Adults Only Class

Contact Bushido Karate Club

Telephone: +353876307006 (Sensei Aaron Kenneally)
Email: info@bushidokarate.ie
Website: www.bushidokarate.ie
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