Rules of the Dojo

  • Students must show respect towards the club and its equipment
  • Students must use proper etiquette and vocabulary while in the dojo
  • Students must show respect towards the Instructor, Assistant Instructors, fellow members and guests at all times
  • Students must address the instructor or assistant instructor with the appropriate title, Sensei, while in the dojo
  • Students must remove their shoes before entering the dojo
  • Students must bow when entering and leaving the dojo
  • Students must arrive for class before it starts (5-10 mins).  If you are going to be late, please discuss it with the instructor
  • Students must not leave class without the permission of the Sensei
  • Students must wear a proper GI and Belt when training, except for a trial class.
  • Students can wear a plain white round neck t-shirt inside their Gi (No Collars/Polos)
  • Students must ensure uniforms must be clean and free of tears, rips or stains.
  • Students must ensure personal cleanliness and hygiene are maintained
  • Students are only permitted to train in any other non-bushido dojo with the expressed permission of the dojo head Instructor.  National Seminars or Squads Training are exempt from this rule.
  • Students must have Fingernails and Toenails kept short
  • Students must not wear any Jewellery.  Students with long hair can wear elastic type plain coloured hair bands
  • Students must never eat in the dojo.  Students are allowed water for Hydration
  • Students must train hard in the dojo
  • Students must practice regularly at home
  • Students must cover up any open wounds for health and safety
  • Students must inform the Sensei If they have any injuries that could affect training
  • Students must Line up correctly in the dojo and do so quickly
  • Students must think of Karate while at the dojo and focus
  • Students must train regularly to improve
  • Students must listen to the Senior Grade when they give advice
  • Students must keep the dojo clean
  • Students must participate in SKIF Ireland National Seminars to be eligible to do an SKIF Ireland grading in the following six months after that seminar participation.  

Spectator Rules (if allowed for particular purposes)

  • Spectators must show respect towards the club and its equipment
  • Spectators must show respect toward Instructors and fellow members
  • Spectators must not use mobile phones or tablets while in the dojo
  • Spectators must not be talking in the dojo so as not to disturb the class
  • Spectators must ensure all mobile devices are placed on silent

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