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IMPORTANT: Only proceed with Trial Class payments if you have received a direct invitation from the Club Instructor. If you haven't spoke to the Club Instructor, contact us today.

Karate Suits and Belts

Karate Kid

Kid in Karate Suit

To practice Shotokan Karate, you must wear a white Karate Suit and Belt. When you join the club, initially, you are allowed to wear a tracksuit and t-shirt until you purchase your Karate Suit.  The below retailers sell karate suits: 

NOTE: We do not have any association with the below retailers, so please shop around for the best deals, and If ordering from outside Ireland, you may incur Customs and Import Duty.  


  • Must be White
  • No See-Through Fabric/Mesh
  • Manufacturer badges are allowed on the lower right-hand corner of the karate-gi jacket.
  • No chest or back logos

Level 1 Suits - Beginner to Brown Belt

Level 2 Suits - Brown Belt and Black Belt

Level 3 Suits - Black Belt