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Pay for Trial Class

IMPORTANT: Only proceed with Trial Class payments if you have received a direct invitation from the Club Instructor. If you haven't spoke to the Club Instructor, contact us today.

Arriving late to Dojo

  • Being late in Japanese culture is considered very rude however Bushido Karate Club understands that sometimes situations happen outside our control.
  • Please aim to be at the dojo at least 15-20 minutes before the start of the class to allow for time to line up.
  • If you do arrive late to the dojo you must bow first at the door (as you normally would do when entering the dojo)
  • Kneel in Seiza at the top left side of the class in view of the head instructor
  • The Head instructor will invite you to join the class
  • You bow in Seiza, stand up correctly in Mitsubudachi and bow again
  • Quickly move to the end of the class near where the white belts and line up (Regardless of Grade)
  • When there is a water break in training you may take your normal position in the class according to rank
  • If you are constantly coming late to training, the head instructor may speak with you about this as arriving late to class causes a big disruption