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Karate-Do and School Studies

Karate Helps School Study

Karate Helps School Study

Karate-Do is well known to help children in their school life due to several reasons. The main reason for this is because, through Karate-Do training, children will improve their concentration levels which will help their school and home life and their Karate-Do life. They tend to listen more and become very respectful towards teachers and parents and resist peer pressure because of the confidence Karate-Do will give them.

How it Helps

Karate-Do training trains both sides of the brain; we practice techniques on both the left and right sides. They will learn to think fast and improve reaction times. It's easy to teach a person to fight and win, but our Karate-Do training goes far beyond other sports in that our training develops and improves the Mental and Physical exercise of the student. We encourage our students to embrace their talents and follow their dreams. 

We expect children to behave not just when they are at the dojo but when they are at school and home. Our motto is "Train Hard and Study Hard". Ancient Samurai warriors were not just warriors that fought in wars. When there were no wars, they were respectful, talented, creative people who strived for the perfection of whatever they pursued. 

Karate-Do is a lifelong pursuit of perfection. 

Traditional Martial Arts Education vs Sports

The main difference between a sport and martial art is that everything that they learn in martial arts training will improve and apply to the outside world.  Karate-Do is a Martial Art and is one of the most traditional and disciplined martial arts. 

Although we have a small sports aspect to Karate-Do, most of the training is traditional. Through discipline and encouragement, this way of training has resulted in children excelling at Karate, School and Home. They begin to listen more and become more respectful towards parents and teachers. 

We at Bushido Karate Club understand the values of learning and study, and we want your children to excel at Karate-Do and their studies. Our motto at Bushido Karate Club is "Train Hard and Study Hard".

We want your child to be the best they can be

It would be easy for us to teach your child how to fight; we at Bushido Karate Club want your child to grow and develop into a talented, respectful and intelligent person and to become successful at whatever they choose to do in life. 

The word Sensei translates to "The one who has gone before". We lead by example, and we want to ensure your child has a solid foundation to build their Karate-Do lives on. Many children will win medals along the way; some will represent their country; all these things are extra achievements while on the path to true greatness.