Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa - 8th Dan SKIF

Kancho of Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation

Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho - SKIF Ireland h.President

Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho performing at the SKIF Ireland Grading and Training Seminar in Mayfield Sports Complex.  (Photo by Renshi Aaron Kenneally)

Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa, born in May 1972, holds a pivotal position in the world of Shotokan Karate as the eldest son of the late Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan) and Founder of the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (SKIF). Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa has dedicated his life to upholding the legacy of SKIF, assuming the role of the current head (Kancho) of SKIF Worldwide. His journey in Karate, marked by natural talent and numerous accomplishments, reflects a profound commitment to the martial art.

Early Years and Education

Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa's Karate journey began during his teenage years. Born into a family deeply rooted in Karate tradition, he quickly discovered his innate talent for the martial art. His father, Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa, provided invaluable guidance and mentorship, instilling in him the principles, values, and techniques of Shotokan Karate.

Educated at Taisho University, Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa continued to refine his Karate skills while pursuing academic excellence. His years of dedication and rigorous training laid the foundation for his future leadership within SKIF.

Notable Achievements

Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa's impressive list of achievements in Karate speaks volumes about his dedication and prowess in the martial art. Among his notable accomplishments, one stands out—the SKIF World Championships in Bali in 2000. During this prestigious event, Kancho secured two Gold medals, demonstrating his mastery of Karate. His crowning achievement was winning the coveted Grand Champion title, a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication to Karate.

Furthermore, Kancho earned a Silver Medal at the 1994 SKIF World Championships in Yokohama, Japan, showcasing his consistent excellence on the international stage. He has also proudly represented SKIF Japan on multiple occasions, carrying the organisation's legacy with honour and distinction.

On the domestic front, Kancho's awards include five victories at the SKIF All-Japan Championships (1996-2000), the title of All Styles Japan National Karate Champion in 2004, three Metropolitan Championships, and an impressive six-time win at the JKF All-Japan Championships. These accolades underscore Kancho's exceptional talent and commitment to Karate-Do.

Global Impact and Leadership

As the head of SKIF Worldwide, Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa continues to impact the global Karate community significantly. He travels the world, conducts seminars and gradings, and shares his expertise with students and instructors. His commitment to preserving the traditional values and teachings of Shotokan Karate aligns perfectly with SKIF's mission.

Kancho's visits to Ireland, held annually, are highly anticipated by Karate practitioners in the country. During these visits, he leads training and grading seminars, ensuring that students receive the same high standard of instruction that all Bushido Karate Club instructors have benefited from over the years. Additionally, Kancho serves as the honorary president of SKIF Ireland, a prestigious role that reflects the profound respect and admiration he garners within the organisation.


Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa's journey in Shotokan Karate exemplifies excellence, dedication, and a profound commitment to preserving and advancing SKIF's legacy. His remarkable achievements in both national and international arenas, coupled with his leadership within SKIF, continue to inspire and shape the future of Karate. As he guides SKIF into the future, Kancho ensures that the principles, values, and techniques of traditional Shotokan Karate remain vibrant and accessible to generations of practitioners worldwide.

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