Karate Kids Classes Cork

Why Choose Bushido Karate Club

  • Sensei Aaron Kenneally has trained and graded directly under Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke 10th Dan. 
  • Sensei Aaron Kenneally regularly travels to Tokyo to train in SKIF GHQ to continually improve his standard and pass this onto his students. 
  • All Instructors are high-level black belts to ensure a high level of instruction.
  • Bushido Karate Club is a traditional Karate-Do dojo.
  • Train twice yearly with SKIF Tokyo instructors who visit SKIF Ireland to conduct Seminars and Examinations
  • Internationally recognised examinations
  • National Championships and Kanazawa Cup Access
  • Access to try out for SKIF Ireland National Squad

Child Safety & Safeguarding

  • All Instructors are Garda Vetted
    This is a Law Requirement when teaching children
  • All Instructors have completed Safeguarding Level 1
    Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop
  • All Instructors have completed Safeguarding Level 2
    Club Children's Officer Workshop
  • All Instructors have completed Safeguarding Level 3
    Designated Liaison Person Workshop

How your child will develop

Once your child becomes a member of Bushido Karate Club, they will begin a life long Karate-Do journey. Our training is specifically designed to develop your child both physically and mentally to ensure they excel and unlock their potential. Karate-Do training will teach your child to become more respectable, have increased concentration, build self-confidence and resist peer pressure.

Karate-Do requires a lot of Dedication

Karate-Do is not a sport; it is a martial art. At the beginning when a child joins, they will start training once per week which is sufficient at that level, however, when your child starts advancing in the grades, the intensity of the training and frequency per week will increase. Many of our students are training 2-3 times per week to ensure their Karate is at the highest standard.

Competition aspect of Karate

Bushido Karate Club is a traditional dojo; however, we allow all our members access to take part in competitions. Bushido Karate Club has a solid history in producing some of the top karate competitors in Ireland including World medalists. Competition is not a requirement of being a member in Bushido Karate Club, but we do encourage students to compete.

What is Karate-Do?

The word "Kara" is the Japanese word for empty while "te" means hand and "do" translates as the way, or path. So Karate-Do is The Way of the Empty Hand.

Karate-Do is a traditional martial art from Japan, in which a karate ka learns to use every part of the body through hard and systematic training to defend themselves from attack while perfecting their character, developing self-control and self-discipline by the accumulation of experience through training.

Karate-Do encompasses whole body movements which develop balance, flexibility, co-ordination, speed and power. This is achieved through the constant practice of the basic movements (Kihon) which, due to their variety and complexity, can be considered as a complete art form themselves.

Karate-Do is known to improve school concentration and studies

The difference between sport and martial art is that everything that they learn in training will improve and apply to the outside world. Karate-Do is a Martial Art and is one of the most traditional and disciplined of all the martial arts.

Through discipline and encouragement, this way of training has resulted in children excelling at Karate, School and Home. They begin to listen more and become more respectful towards parents and teachers. We at Bushido Karate Club understand the values of learning and study, and we want your children to excel at Karate-Do and their studies. Our motto at Bushido Karate Club is Train Hard and Study Hard..

What to expect at Bushido Karate Club

Karate-Do training is very disciplined, but for Karate Kids, we try and keep it fun. As many karate techniques require flexibility, it is essential to perform a warm-up before training. Specific Traditional Karate-Do training then begins.

What will I wear to my first training session?

As all Karate suits are different sizes we order your suit once we receive your club membership application however, If your club membership is not yet completed, then you only need to wear a comfortable tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt.

Training Fees

Special Family Rates

Bushido Karate Club Family Offer

Post-Covid Training Times in Bushido Karate Branches

Bushido Glanmire
Glanmire GAA, Glanmire, Co. Cork, Ireland, T45 XE36

Training Times
Thursday @ 19:00 - 20:00 - Karate Kids Class

Bushido Douglas
ICA Hall, Church Road, Douglas, Co. Cork, Ireland, T12 KP79

Training Times
Wednesday @ 18:45 - 19:45 - Karate Kids Class

Training Times
Friday @ 19:00 - 20:30 - Adults Only Class