Membership and Training Fees

Below you will see information about the Membership Fee and what it includes and also the Training Fees.  When a student joins they pay the membership fee and then they choose the appropriate training fee.  The annual membership runs from September to September.  If a student joins during after June 1st their initial membership fee will cover them till September the following year. 

Free Karate Suit and Belt when Joining

We at Bushido Karate Club undersand how important it is for you to feel part of a team and included.  When a student feels wanted and part of a Karate-Do family it encourages them to participate, enjoy, learn, concentrate and feel good.  This is the main reason that we offer every new beginner a free Karate Suit and Belt when they join Bushido Karate Club. 

Training Fees and How the Work?

  • When a student pays for month or two month fee they are covered for that calendar period.  
  • When you pay for training fees you are paying for that period and not a per-class fee.  It is up to you how much or little you train during this period.  
  • Classes are available in all locations and we encourage you to attend as many classes as possible to get the best value for money.  
  • Bushido Karate Club sends an SMS reminder on the day the fee is due for renewal.  
  • Bushido Karate Club understands that financial circumstances can change from one month to the next so students have the option of switching payment plans any time they wish at the end of their current payment.  
  • The bigger plans will offer the biggest saving and we have a new Family Plan offer for families with 2 Children or greater.

How To Pay for Training Fees

Credit Card Payments (Preferred Method)
On our website on the top left you will see our credit card payment facility which is provided via PayPal.  You do not need a paypal to use this service and it is very secure as all financial transactions are handled by Paypal.  Please ensure your childs name is supplied during payment.

Cheque Payments
We are moving away from Cheque payments in favour of electronic transfers either by Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer.  

Cash Payments
We do accept cash payments however due to the amount of students paying fees on any given night, we ask that the payment is sealed in an envelope with the childs name / current date on the front and the fee type.  This is to ensure we update your next payment date.  Note: We do not carry change, so we ask that you have the exact fee.

  • Exact Fee Sealed in Envelope
  • Name of Student on Envelope
  • Date of Payment

Bushido Karate Club Training Fees

Membership Fee

  • When you pay the membership fee you also have pay either a one month training fee or a two month training fee in addition to the membership fee.  Your membership fee includes your Insurance cover.
  • Please note to begin grading with SKIF Ireland students will need an SKIF Ireland Licence and Grading Book.  Please note that these costs are set by the organisation and subject to change but currently its €15 for a Licence and €10 for an SKIF Ireland Grading Book.  The Grading Book is a once-off-fee but the Licence is renewed annually in January.

Bushido Karate Club Membership Fees

Family Special Offer

We understand that for families it can get expensive if they have 2 or more children joining a club. So we at Bushido Karate Club have a very special rate for families with 2 or more direct family members in the club.   The new Family Pack is a 2 Month offer for 2 children + and is only available for direct siblings.  See the chart below to see how much you could save on a monthly basis.  We always encourage parents to join our Adult class and enjoy the karate experience also.

Bushido Karate Club Family Offers

Pre-Membership Trial Class

We can understand that signing your children up to different things can get quite expensive especially if they are not sure they want to do it, so what we do is allow a child to try out a class before joining.  The cost of trying out a class is €10 payable at the club and they need only wear a tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt.  Your child will be assessed during this class to see if they are ready to join and at the end of the class a decision would be made at the end of the class.  If your child is successful we will give you the membership form and you need to fill this in and return it at the next training class.  If a decision cannot be made on the night the child will be invited to try another class to help make a proper assessment,  if a child isn't ready to join we would tell you to bring them back again in 6 months and try again.  We will require 3 Passport Sized Photos for the official documents (SKIF Ireland Karate Licence, SKIF Ireland Grading Book and SKIF Ireland Grading Record). 

Training Times in Bushido Karate Branches

Bushido Glanmire
Glanmire GAA, Glanmire, Co. Cork, Ireland, T45 XE36

Training Times
Thursday @ 19:00 - 20:00 - Karate Kids Class

Bushido Douglas
ICA Hall, Church Road, Douglas, Co. Cork, Ireland, T12 KP79

Training Times
Wednesday @ 18:45 - 19:45 - Karate Kids Class

Training Times
Friday @ 19:00 - 20:30 - Adults Only Class

Contact Bushido Karate Club

Telephone: +353876307006 (Sensei Aaron Kenneally)
Facebook: Follow us on Facebook